End of Season Wrap Up

Hello Crestwood Families!

Thank you all so much for an amazing 2020 swim season despite all of the challenges presented by these uncertain times.

This season we saw a lot of awesome swims and improvements from each of our swimmers.

Please fill out this end of season survey when you get a chance, we would love to hear your feedback!

We would like to recognize swimmers who received an award:

Female Most Improved: Liz Wallingford Male Most Improved: Isaac Sandro

Female Most Valuable: Nora Turton Male Most Valuable: Nathan Kyre

Female Leadership: Allison Kelley Male Leadership: Camden Caldwell

Female Sportsmanship: Ella Westgerdes Male Sportsmanship: Jude McManus

6&Under Girls Cool Cobra: Emma Mossop 6&Under Boys Cool Cobra: Wesley Hall

7-8 Girls Cool Cobra: Lucy Litke 7-8 Boys Cool Cobra: Layne Smith

9-10 Girls Cool Cobra: Jordan Kogler 9-10 Boys Cool Cobra: Pete Litke

11-12 Girls Cool Cobra: Mylie Tingley 11-12 Boys Cool Cobra: Jacob Runck

13-14 Girls Cool Cobra: Emily Kyre There were no 13-14 boys :(

15-18 Girls Cool Cobra: Maggie Ollier 15-18 Boys Cool Cobra: Max Lawerence

Also attached to this are the final results from our swim meet on Wednesday, August 5th.

Please return your borrowed kickboard ASAP, as these are not yours to keep. The following swimmers have not returned their borrowed Crestwood kickboard:

Jack Lehman - 20

Mason Lunkeke - 21

Ella Tharpe - 59

Max Lawerence - 73

Also, the following swimmers have not picked up their end of the season gift from the office (You can ask a lifeguard and they will be able to help you):

Piper Buirley

Ava Elliott

Isaiah Elliott

Katie Hosford

Marcus Hosford

Nolan Kincaid

Parker Kincaid

Emily Kyre

Katie Kyre

Nathan Kyre

Max Lawrence

Jack Lehman

Lucy Litke

Pete Litke

Mason Luneke

Alex Mead

Autum Parcels

Khloe Parcels

Abby Runck

Jacob Runck

Paisley Ruschau

Preston Ruschau

Emme Volmer

Ella Westgerdes

We hope that your swimmers had just as much fun as us coaches did this season and that you will consider joining us again next season!

Thank you and we will see you all next summer!

-Coach Claire Leibold

-Coach Carter Caldwell

-Coach Abby Tharpe

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