Meet 6 Entires

Hello Crestwood Families!

Attached are the individual entries for Wednesday, August 5th swim meet. 

Please please please bring your kickboard to the meet tomorrow if you borrowed one for the season and have not turned it in yet.

The volunteer lineup for tomorrow is:

August 5th 10 and Unders ONLY Meet @ 9 AM 

Head Timer (1) -- Angie Bane 

Timers (2)-- Sue Stewart & Bridget Shampton 

Bullpen (1 or 2)--Jan Sandro & Tracy Kincaid 

Relay Coordinator (1)--Susie Litke

Event Board Coordinator (1)-- Katie Cronin 

August 5th 11 and Overs ONLY Meet @ 7 PM SENIOR NIGHT!
Head Timer (1) --Westgerdes 
Timers (2)-- Rob Elliott & Jill Hosford 
Event Board Coordinator-- Sheridan Currie
We are anticipating cold temperatures tomorrow morning.  Given the conflicts that could arise with moving the meet, we are going to go ahead and continue with our planned 9am start time (unless there is a thunderstorm or freak natural disaster). Please plan for the colder temperatures with a sweatshirt, extra towels, and warm clothes. The heater is on, so the water will be very warm, but the air will make your swimmer cold once they get out of the pool.
The following swimmers will be swimming in the morning due to a fall sports conflict (please arrive for a 9am warmup):
  • Lola Turton
  • Liz Wallingford
  • Maggie Shively
  • Sofia Coovert 
The 11 and over meet warmups will start at 7pm, senior night will start after warmups, and the meet starting around 7:30, concluding between 8:30 and 8:45pm. 
As always, please let us know if you have any questions! 
We can't wait to watch fast swims tomorrow!
-Coach Claire Leibold
-Coach Carter Caldwell
-Coach Abby Tharpe
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