Swim Team Week 7

Good morning Crestwood Families!

Thank you for another smooth and amazing swim meet last Thursday. The final results for this swim meet are attached.

Please bring your Crestwood kickboard on your last day of practice or to the pool and return to the office!

For our Aug. 5th, we have a few volunteer spots to fill. If you'd like to fill in an empty spot for the 5th, please let Dawn Kelley know. Thanks!

August 5th 10 and Unders ONLY Meet @ 9 AM

Head Timer (1) -- Angie Bane

Timers (2)-- Tracey Farley & Bridget Shampton

Bullpen (1 or 2)--Jan Sandro & _______

Relay Coordinator (1)--Susie Litke

Event Board Coordinator (1)-- ____________


August 5th 11 and Overs ONLY Meet @ 7 PM SENIOR NIGHT!

Head Timer (1) --Westgerdes

Timers (2)-- Rob Elliott & ___________

Event Board Coordinator-- Sheridan Currie

Bullpen (1)--_________

August 5th start times:

10 and unders: Warmups will start at 9am and the meet will start at 9:15am. We should be concluded with the meet around 10:30am.

11 and overs: Warmups will start at 7pm and the meet will start between 7:15pm and 7:30pm. We should be concluded with the meet by 8:45pm.

For our final meet, families will no longer be limited to just one spectator. With this said, please make sure you are social distancing and being respectful to those around you who may have a different situation than you.

Spectators are encouraged to wear a mask, but volunteers must wear a mask.

Swimmers may not wear a watch during a swim meet, so please make sure your child removes theirs before they swim!

In lieu of a banquet, we have decided to give each swimmer a report card of all their best times, which they should be able to redeem for a goody bag in the office from a lifeguard on duty. Swimmers who earned an award will have them with their report cards. A reminder than the awards are Most Valuable, Sportsmanship, Leadership, and Most Improved. These will be given to one boy and one girl. We also have a new award that will be given to one swimmer from each boy and girl age group. This award is the Cool Cobra award and will be given to the swimmer that made a difference on the team; whether that is through their hard work, dedication to being a team player, or being at practice every day. The recipient of this award is someone who is determined to succeed, and its purpose is to recognize those qualities that might not be covered by the other awards. These report cards will be hung on the fence (along with potential awards) lining the walkway by the entrance on Saturday, August 8th. If you can please try and come on Saturday to pick yours up, but if you cannot they will be in the office until the end of the season.

We can’t wait to finish out the season strong. Go Cobras!

-Coach Claire Leibold

-Coach Carter Caldwell

-Coach Abby Tharpe

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